Traditional university teaching based solely on the lecture is increasingly being recognized as ineffective. The classic lecture, where all the attention is focused on the professor, is widely considered to be an insufficient method of learning. Student needs require a change in their learning role –from passive to active– in the acquisition of knowledge. University teaching should facilitate self-directed learning, where the teacher sets standards and the student becomes a problem solver. This new paradigm has been put into practice through the running of workshops in several modules of the Architectural Technology Degree at the University of Alicante. Thus, the student becomes active in the learning process by solving new problems, by interacting with peers and, at times, in the case of Erasmus students, is able to contribute a view from a different cultural perspective. These workshops highlight the need to have a global vision as they have been enriched by workshop visits from specialist teaching staff of other universities in Spain and abroad. This paper demonstrates the advantages of active learning, such as, developing teamwork skills whereby students become more resourceful, able to cooperate, exchange knowledge, and when required, communicate in different languages. The final goal is to train building engineers who can solve problems effectively as part of a team.