M.A. Andrés, C. Marieta

University of the Basque Country (SPAIN)
Europe 2020 is a strategy to help Europe emerge stronger from the crisis and prepare the EU economy for the next decade. The European Commission has identified three key drivers for growth: smart growth (fostering knowledge, innovation, education and digital society), sustainable growth (making EU production greener and more resource efficient while boosting competitiveness), and inclusive growth (enhancing labor market participation, skills acquisition, and the fight against poverty). As university teachers we have to work especially in the first key driver: smart growth.

Traditionally in the field of technical studies creative thinking skills have been undermined because they have been seen as soft skills. However, to be innovative (such as the future demands us) creative thinking is required. Thus, in order to promote creativity in our students of first course of Technical Architecture, being assignments and assessments well thought-out, one of the evaluable tasks in Materials for Construction subject has been to produce a video. Videos allow students to develop their creativity while learning in the subject (in this case natural materials for construction). Besides, being the production of a video a teamwork, the ability to work as part of a team (generic skill which is highly valued by employers) is also developed.