A. Amsellem Santos1, A. Loureiro2

1Instituto Politécnico de Viseu - E.S.E.V. (PORTUGAL)
2Instituto Politécnico de Santarém - E.S.E.S (PORTUGAL)
In the context of globalization, there’s an urge to know how to change basic education paradigms, values orientation, educational model, curriculum and other aspects to face social deep transition and changes.
Considering media are undoubtedly important in any given society as a means of: (a) disseminating information and entertainment, (b) socialization and education, (c) social supervision, (d) promoters of social development, schools need to find ways of staying closer with this new outside world. So, instructors are under substantial pressure to increase technology use in their classrooms promoting new social media deeper collaboration and meeting the needs of today’s increasingly more active and critical students. The strategy of the teacher should pass, thus, by integrating new media technologies as they: (1) have a huge attractiveness, (2) are motivating, (3) maximize a collaborative environment, (4) make students more critical; (5) foster a greater capacity for critical thinking, analysis, observation and understanding.
This study reflects on the importance of education with new media technologies, focusing particularly on the use of new social media in school as a resource and innovative teaching materials.
Particular attention will be paid to explain various learning situations with these new technologies in two classrooms in 3rd primary school year with the aim to demonstrate the importance of finding new strategies to address old content and the importance of transmitting information in an innovative format.
Based on that analysis, we conclude new social media – web-press – educational integration: (a) is appropriate for young learners, (b) turns the instructional work easier, (c) improves the functional capacity to intervene in society, (d) allows a seamless movement between technology and nontechnology-based instructional formats, (e) empowers critical thinking learners.