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A. Amsellem Santos1, A. Loureiro2

1Instituto Politécnico de Viseu - E.S.E.V. (PORTUGAL)
2Instituto Politécnico de Santarém - E.S.E.S. (PORTUGAL)
In this paper we discuss new technology integration in teaching and teacher education. As in today's society technology assume an important role disseminating information and knowledge, an important education issue that needs to be addressed is the gap between the continuing and increasing technology demands placed on instructors.
There is evidence that the power of new technologies is due in large part to the fact that they are spread throughout society and in our everyday lives. It is, therefore, increasingly relevant to rethink institutions, particularly schools, and promote technological literacy among teachers, to better take advantage of these pedagogical resources.
Thus, this study arises from the recognition that new technologies are a cornerstone in the students training and in society in general.
In the first part emphasis is placed on the technology contribution in education and its influence on the learning process.
The second part presents the results of a survey done at 30 primary school teachers in the region of Viseu, Portugal, in order to examine how they use or not the new technological tools in their daily work.
In addition, it is documented how these professors think the instructional new technologies management and how it helps students’ learning. It will also provide suggestions on how the effective use information technologies can best be integrated in teacher education and in service of teacher professional development.