O. Ampuero-Canellas1, J. González-del-Río1, B. Jordá-Albiñana1, T. Magal-Royo2

1Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (SPAIN)
2Escuela Politécnica Superior de Gandía. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (SPAIN)
Research projects are a very important part of any Professor Life Sheet. Through these projects they use their knowledge to solve real problems within professional area. Besides being an advance in research area, they can essentially contribute to improve teaching process.
This work originates from the idea that the experienced gotten from those projects should be exhaustively exposed in the class and not only mentioned as a simple anecdote. Thus, it propose the application of two research projects for developing learning strategies related to industrial graphic designs in graduate and post graduate subjects.
Starting up from the phases developed in the research project, work is divided in different parts that should be carried out by each student. Each part should synchronize with a theoretical explanation of those concepts that are necessary to solve it and class work is combined with individual and team work. Final goal is to motivate students for studying the subject and to show them the real application of those theoretical concepts that has been explained in class.