S. AlZahrani

Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (SAUDI ARABIA)
Jubail University College (JUC) provide post-secondary undergraduate education to male and female students at Jubail Industrial City under the umbrella of the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu. It contributes to the regional and national social prosperity through streams of highly enabled and qualified bachelor graduates in a range of disciplines including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, interior design, computer science, business administration, management information system and English language. More bachelor programs are planned in order to meet the increasing demands of local industry and community. As a result, a significant increase in future students’ intake is expected together with increased dependency on IT related applications.
At JUC, the use of Students Information Systems (SIS) is key to the management of numerous semester learning assessments including quizzes, midterm and final exams, which are conducted during each academic year. Main SIS applications currently used in the evaluation of these learning assessments include scheduling, grade recording, statistical analysis of grades and other related assessment transactions. Additional applications include student admission, registration, student services and housing.
During this presentation, typical SIS applications currently used at JUC will be presented together with the introduction of Advanced Applications for Conducting Assessment (AACA) needed to support future JUC educational plans. AACA is used to enhance the process of conducting assessments of student learning in the college and fulfill the purpose of assessments as well. AACA is aimed to automate processes of assessments of student learning which include conducting assessments, corrections, delivering results to teachers and students, receiving feedback and evaluation of assessments process. Meanwhile AACA is planned to be part of the SIS applications.