A. AlWahaibi

Sultan Qaboos University (OMAN)
This presentation presents teachers with "two steps" techniques which will be the main guide in terms of writing Reading texts tests and their related questions. The more ELT teachers are aware on how reading tests are created, the more they will use reliable and valid texts. The presentation will provide ELT teachers with new computerized techniques that will help them modify test texts and produce questions that could fit all levels in their academic teaching. The main areas of difficulties in doing reading text test tend to be fitting a certain text for certain level. Finding a text is and was not a problem, but fitting it to match the level of the students was always a dilemma. Difficulties always increases when text attempt to have complicated sentences and difficult words. The purpose of this presentation is twofold. First, it aims to help teachers identifying students' level in English by using the readability statistics program. Second, it attempt to guide teachers to the appropriate vocabulary needed for each level by using the vocabulary profiler program.