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A.S. Althani

Qatar University (QATAR)
This study explores the possibility of raising an awareness of Counseling Skills between Elementary School Teachers at the State of Qatar.
The study focuses on the importance of offering some of counseling skills such as listening, understanding, respecting, and empathy for the elementary schools’ teachers to help them to deal with schools children’s needs from early age. The study also gives an over view of the term “couselling’ and the role of cousellor.
The investigation is taking place at the elementary school at Qatar. All the felid work is applied at two schools.
Study is attempting to examine the elementary school teacher’s attitudes towards dealing with the students’ psychological, social and emotional problems. The study aims to encourage the teachers to understand the term ‘counseling’.
It also increases the awareness towards applying the basic of counseling skills in elementary school teachers; Increasing the awareness of the importance of using counseling skills in dealing with psychological, emotional and social needs of the students. Encouraging teachers to work as a facilitator to help and support their students. Six female teachers from two elementary Qatari schools.
The study method is based on a workshop for 2 to 3 hours in each school. The researcher will present a PowerPoint with explanations for counseling skills and some terms.
A questionnaire (20 questions) designed by the principle investigative covering areas of the teacher’s attitude towards dealing with students issues. The tool will be applied pre and post workshop that will be held by theresercher at teachers’ schools. The three randomly selected teachers of each school will be asked to sign agreement consent to participate and fill a pre questionnaire. A discussion will be held after the presentation.
The randomly chosen teachers will be met in their schools. The analysis of the study will be focused on the questionnaire as well as the teacher’s feedbacks.