S. Alsuwaidi, A. Alkaabi

United Arab Emirates University (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)
United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) Mission is making a positive contribution to the advancement of United Arab Emirates by preparing graduates for future leadership, providing quality education that meet students’ needs by enable them not just to acquire knowledge but also to become capable, confident and enthusiastic learners. Hence, educators are mapping their course outcomes to meet the university goals through applying teaching strategies that inculcate meaningful learning among their students. Nevertheless, many students adopt memorizing strategies rather than understanding for meaningful learning. This study will examine the influence of three different learning strategies which are Elaboration Strategies, Memorization Strategies and Control Strategies on students’ academic achievement in UAEU. The study will investigate the relationship between the variables involve and determine the predictors of academic achievement. The design of this research is descriptive in nature and questionnaires will be used to obtain information on students’ prefer learning strategies and their level of academic achievement.