M. Alseddiqi, R. Heranjal

Ministry of Education (BAHRAIN)
Almost any innovation in educational methods and assessment techniques will have maximum effect if and only the students adopt them accordingly and show sufficient interest.

It is the digital world and since all students are now tech-savvy and vibrant in social networking; therefore, education and tutoring could be incorporated in social sites which could incite the enthusiasm of students.

It would involve designing an educational blog or network which is similar to a resource center but with several added features.

This paper presents how students in Engineering Education Courses would be able to access educational material in rich multimedia and videos instead of conventional books, they would solve and submit assignments online, take fun tests and quizzes without pressure and also make forums for discussion on various subjects and topics. It would also have an ask to answer section where any doubts could be clarified with ease.

If the countless hours spent on social sites could be diverted to this educational site, many students would be indirectly learning and educating themselves in a fun, relaxed and pressure-less environment. Also students enjoy group online studying and thus absorb more information in the process. While the assessment-methods are looked over and over again, it’s essential to ensure that education-methods aren’t overlooked.