The article presents relevant evidence among the implementation of part of the strategic plan “FdE Ethics” at the Faculty of Economics in the University of Valencia. The plan aims to rise awareness regarding the need of social responsiveness and sustainability when affronting professional decisions. For that reason, dean and his team are leading a three years-long strategic project to implement that ethic awareness across the classrooms. The evidence is presented from the students point of view, as the part of the global plan assessed here is the one leaded by a group of students. The experience due its novelty to the fact that, having a general strategic plan, they have faced the challenge to find the way to engage other students in a set of activities designed and prepared by them. Finding themselves in the role of a teacher, they must cooperate and learn how to asses ethics in real life, how to arise awareness and how to help in the global strategic plan.

The article is organized as follows: introduction reviews the methodological teaching approach used in the design of the Project and objectives are described. Then, there’s a summary of the teaching innovation development, through its design, action plan and implementation. Results are presented from student’s point of view and the article is finalized with a discussion section and final remarks.