P. Alonso, M.J. Fernández, R. Gallego, J.A. Huidobro, A. Méndez, M.L. Serrano, J. Suárez

Universidad de Oviedo, Departamento de Matemáticas (SPAIN)
This paper presents an online learning project related to Mathematics and Statistics knowledge of first year students at University of Oviedo. It is well known that many students find the first year of university really hard and often, the difficulties they experience are due to their insufficient mathematical background. The main goal of this project is to help students to bridge the gap between Secondary School and University. So a course in order to improve mathematical competences of students has been generated. It covers the most important topics in Mathematics which are considered to be pre-requisites in the first year of an engineering degree. The course has been developed with Exelearning and has been implemented in the ‘Campus Virtual of the University of Oviedo’ which is based on Moodle. Applets created with Geogebra are included. In addition to brief explanations of theoretical concepts, a large collection of examples and exercises are presented. Students can use the course by themselves and self-assessment questionnaires are proposed at the end of each topic. Improvement in success rates is expected.