M. Al-Maqbali, R. Al-Risi

Ministry of Education (OMAN)
The TKT course (Teacher Knowledge Test) and the TKT Cambridge exam focuses on theory associated with a communicative approach to English language teaching. This online course has been designed in response to a global demand from English language teachers and it focuses on the following:
- Developing an understanding of the “language of teaching”
- How resources can be used
- The key elements of lesson planning
- Classroom management for different needs.

In partnership with the British Council and the Ministry of Education in Oman, the TKT program was piloted last academic year, 2012/2013. Two hundred Omani teachers from different governorates took part in the course .
This presentation will highlight the online experience of Omani teachers who were involved in this program through shedding light on its impact on their teaching and how it has contributed to their PD.

The presentation is based on a comprehensive analysis of data obtained from the following:
- 2 surveys distributed to all of the teachers who took part in the TKT programme. The first was after completion of Module 1 of the TKT programme and the second was after completion of the second and third modules.
- Focus group interviews with a number of TKT participants.

The presentation will start with a very quick overview of the TKT program: its aims and structure. Then, it will share the teacher participants’ perspectives of this program by focusing on the impact of this e-learning initiative on their CPD and on their performance as teachers.