R. Allwihan, S. Cobb, T. Brailsford

University of Nottingham (UNITED KINGDOM)
This paper illustrates a study which aimed to evaluate the usability issues, which are related to capture and share the field experience during field trips. It demonstrates the outcomes of a qualitative study to evaluate the usability of the three different tools used for capturing and sharing experiences in the field. The first set of tools is the paper based tools which the students usually use in the field; such as the notebooks, pens and the digital camera. The second tool is the iPad device without specifying particular applications to use. Finally, the third tool is the iPad device with a specific application to use, and with providing a pre-training session about using this tool. The main question this paper attempts to answer is: What is the potential for mobile technology to contribute to the aspects of capturing the experience during the field trip?.

As an output of this study, it proofs that the mobile devices, such as the smart phone and tablet can enhance the field activities for capturing and sharing experience during field trips. This enhancement will improve the efficiency of the students, once they have had a training session, which will then create easier access to data capture and data sharing experiences in the field.