M. Alexandre, M.J. Arévalo, C. Fernandez, V. Gil, V. Gomez, M. Tirado

Universidad de Extremadura (SPAIN)
The basic training modulus of the Chemistry Degree at the University of Extremadura includes a first year core subject named Chemistry III. One of this subject descriptors is “Security and chemical waste management”, which is related to the following competences:
a) To acquire capacity to work safely in a chemical laboratory where students are supposed to handle chemicals and to manipulate specialized laboratory equipments, using proper methodologies and under a strict fulfilment of the stipulated security norms. Risk assessment (professional competence C18).
b) To show sensibility towards environmental issues (transversal competence C32).

Since the available textbooks do not cover appropriately the contents of the above mentioned subject Chemistry III, we have elaborated an educational written resource for students, which is of easy access through the moodle platform and that aims to they learn about:
1.- The information provided by the chemical labels.
2.- The Files of Chemical Safety Data.

4.- The disposal of wastes coming from the laboratory work.

To render the learning process easier, a working questionnaire has been prepared (accessible through the Virtual Field). It is made up of a number of questions dealing with labels, safety files and waste EU codes for a selected group of solid and liquid reactants of widespread use in lab works.

As ECTS tutoring activities, each student has carried out a similar work on a different reactant from those used in the lab. Evaluation has been effected on the basis of the student lab notebook and by doing an individual written test, according to the subject criteria. In this module, competences C18 and C32 are only partially evaluated as they are also taken into consideration in other subjects of the Chemistry Degree.
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