E. Alemany, P. Monràs

Sangaku, S.L. (SPAIN)
Sangakoo is an online network focused on the collaborative learning of mathematics, the unique approach learning is based on three core principles:

1. Creating: Why learn participatively? There is no better way to learn math than by creating new math problems. If students are able to create them they can solve them. Additionally, creating new math problems fosters creativity, confidence and personal skills such as knowledge, intelligence and study habits.

2. Sharing: Why learn collaboratively? Collaborative learning is a powerful educational tool. "We are smarter than I." Sangakoo creates a space where students can help and teach each other. In combination with an accepted and appropriate form of tutoring the learning process is enhanced.

3. CLT: A Collaborative Learning Technology. Sangakoo puts today’s technologies at the service of active and collaborative learning, in coherence with the principles of the knowledge society: Global, Connected, Transcultural, Transdisciplinary, Adaptable.

How it works:
Sangakoo may be used individually or collectively by a group, an entire school or different classes to learn collaboratively. Each group forms a community of teachers and students. It is possible to create as many virtual classrooms with as many members as needed. Each classroom is managed by a teacher.
• The teacher proposes the topics the students should work on.
• The students interact with the math problems that are already on the platform (shared by other students or prepared by the teacher) and share theirs on the same platform.
• Another student picks up a shared problem, revises the formula and verifies or corrects it, suggesting solutions and/or different approaches. If the two parties cannot reach an agreement, the teacher mediates.
• Shared problems and their results are administered by the teacher and can be consulted by the students.

Sangakoo, more than a methodology:
As digital book, Sangakoo provides the equivalent of more than 1,000 printed pages of math theory. The contents are organized into sections, topics and levels ranging from secondary education right on through to third level education with a focus on technical disciplines. Each topic and level can help students in their learning process complementing contents introduced by the teacher.

The Sangakoo community:
A community of people committed to the new paradigms in education.
• More than 7,000 users
• 2,000 created math problems
• Over 700 Facebook likes
• Over 1,200 followers on Twitter

Currently, Sangakoo is being actively used in schools and academies in Spain and Israel. At this point the extension to Latin America is in progress.

The driving force behind Sangakoo:
Sangakoo is the result of a meeting between Enrique Gracián, mathematician and expert in pedagogy and communication, and Pere Monràs, leader in the knowledge economy and founding partner of the "constructary" hèlix3c, a constructive consulting firm. Both had reflected on pedagogy, intelligence and collaborative work, so they jointly created Sangakoo, a platform designed not to teach but to learn.

Our Pledge:
Sangakoo relies on a transcultural and transdisciplinary community of people committed to proactive education, creating a collaborative learning technology applicable to diverse contents.