A. Aldrette, J.L. Martínez Flores

Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (MEXICO)
This paper examines the current situation about low enrolment in technology information career. The students from high school have several options to study a career, they can choose among different areas like business, humanities, science, health sciences, arts and engineering. Every area has interesting information and practical cases to study, however engineering has been specially avoided for students that don’t like Mathematics or Physics. There are students interested in engineering areas and Mathematics, for them, there is a lot of options like: Mechatronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Bionic Engineering, and all the programs related to Technology Information.
It’s a fact that mode plays an important role for youth en many aspects of their life, and the selection of a career isn’t the exception. New options of careers from engineering are preferred by students of high school instead that traditional options. For example, Mechatronics, Aeronautics, Automotive specializations, Bionics, Biomedical and others are so popular. I think that every day we have new necessities in the world and we need to find the way to solve them, for that reason these new careers are good options to students, however traditional areas are important too. Information Technology isn’t the exception because every enterprise, school, association and organization needs computers with systems that help to solve specific situations or to manage resources.

In Mexico, Information Technology careers are been affected for low enrolment of students from high school, of course private universities have suffered more this situation than public schools. For an unknown specific reason, high school students don’t feel attracted by these careers. Maybe because the technology is every day closer to students and they can do a lot of things without studying a bachelor related to Information Technology and because the use of technology is every day more intuitive and easier to get and to use, the enrolment is decreasing. Nowadays, people don’t need to study an Information Technology career or to study a specialization to have a social network account, to have a page on Internet, to chat with other people, to use office tools, to configure and personalize their computer, to look for information in Internet, to use and connect different gadgets, etc.

I think it’s important to let know to students from high school that Information Technology is more than to use and personalize the computer and the systems, the core and the interesting fact is in the creation of new technology, the improvement of each area and the solutions that professionals can give to the society. We are living a paradox because nowadays there are many opportunities to get a good job with a good salary where people can improve knowledge, but we don’t have enough graduate students for those jobs. In conclusions, you could find several possible solutions or alternatives to solve that situation and to avoid the lack of Information Technology Engineers.