University of Almeria (SPAIN)
About this paper:
Appears in: ICERI2023 Proceedings
Publication year: 2023
Pages: 7652-7657
ISBN: 978-84-09-55942-8
ISSN: 2340-1095
doi: 10.21125/iceri.2023.1918
Conference name: 16th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation
Dates: 13-15 November, 2023
Location: Seville, Spain
The Final Degree Project (FDP) holds great importance in industrial engineering careers, serving as a pivotal milestone in shaping the skills and expertise of aspiring engineers. This culmination of the undergraduate program provides students with an opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they have acquired throughout their studies to real-world engineering challenges. The FDP enables students to delve into a specific area of interest within the field of industrial engineering, conducting in-depth research, analysis, and design projects that contribute to the advancement of the industry. One of the key benefits of the FDP is that it allows students to demonstrate their ability to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to complex engineering problems. This experience enhances their ability to tackle real-world challenges in the industry and prepares them to become effective problem solvers in their future careers. Moreover, the FDP provides students with valuable hands-on experience and the opportunity to work closely with industry professionals. Many FDPs involve collaborations with companies, where students can apply their engineering knowledge to address practical problems faced by organizations. This exposure to real-world scenarios not only enhances their technical skills but also develops their project management, teamwork, and communication abilities, which are essential in the professional engineering environment. Furthermore, the FDP encourages students to engage in research, innovation, and continuous learning. Through conducting literature reviews, exploring cutting-edge technologies, and experimenting with novel approaches, students contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of industrial engineering. This fosters a culture of lifelong learning and prepares them to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the industry. Additionally, the FDP serves as a platform for students to showcase their abilities to potential employers and graduate programs. The Final Degree Project is a crucial component of industrial engineering careers. It provides students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge, develop essential skills, and contribute to the field through research and innovation. The FDP prepares students to tackle real-world challenges, enhances their employability, and sets them on a path towards becoming successful and well-rounded professionals in the dynamic field of industrial engineering. The potential loss of opportunity arising from the elimination of September defense sessions for Final Degree Projects (FDPs) and their relocation to July, which is in close proximity to the June sessions, should be carefully considered. Moving the defense dates closer together significantly reduces the time available for students to refine and enhance their projects based on feedback received during the June sessions. It restricts the opportunity for students to thoroughly reflect on their work, make necessary revisions, and showcase the improvements achieved. This study analyzes the academic results of the final thesis defenses from the implementation of the degree until the current academic year, establishing two scenarios with September until the 2019-20 academic year and without September since then. The results can be used to analyze whether in this particular case it would be worthwhile to reintroduce a calendar of project defenses in September.
September, Extraordinary Exam Period, Academic performance, Industrial Engineering.