N. Al Behairi

Kuwait University (KUWAIT)
Technology has a massive impact on individual's life. In today's world, one must emerge the usage of technology in almost every field in order to compromise with the new generation's standards. Furthermore, education is one major root that can not be neglected at any point, and therefore technology must be considered for educational purposes as well. The usage of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) has been there for a while, but it had its ups and downs just like any other research. For that, an educator must be careful when considering applying technology into the academic course. One reason for being cautious is that younger generation is using technology in their daily life along with high proficiency. For that particular reason, an educator must have a reasonable background in technology to avoid any technical circumstances that may occur during the course. This presentation is mainly implicated to demonstrate to other educators the various possibilities in applying technology to the course. This presentation is aiming to formulate two applications (Schoology - Remind) that are both considered a Learning Management System (LMS) applications where it features both academic and social layout mainly for learning purposes. The presented points are going to be from a personal experience where both applications were applied to three EFL courses at Kuwait University. Each class is with the minimum of 30 students on an intermediate level of English. The experience was intended to implement the usage of user-friendly and social platform applications for educational purposes. The expected approach is to get students more attached to the educational material along with a flexible access. Also, to grant the students the ambiance that their teacher is always there to help.The reason for having two applications is to divide the educational material from the instant messaging in order to give a sense of steadiness that will be explained further on the day of the presentation. All points are going to be supported with real data that I collected myself from my own experience. All participants at the conference are free to point out any other perspectives to make the real benefit of the workshop.