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M.I. Alba Dorado

University of Malaga (SPAIN)
The architecture project is a creative process that transcends any cause-effect relationship and that leads us to consider the action of projecting not as a mechanical action that leads to the resolution of a problem, but as a speculative process that affects the whole of the project. Thought and creation are intimately related and, although architecture materializes through constructive and material systems, it is only possible to conceive it through the construction of thought.

In this sense, the development of the architectural project cannot be limited only to an objective and rational way of thinking, but must also incorporate that more subjective portion of thinking that is feeling. Thought and sensation are inextricably linked in every project process, hence the need for both to occur together. While we project we do not stop generating wishes and dreams, of working and experimenting with them, making them become part of the project.

This paper aims to define a teaching of architectural project capable of offering, on the one hand, knowledge of guidelines, rules and objective principles of this discipline, but on the other hand, to claim presence, as happens in any act creative, of another type of material that is not specific to this discipline and that is part of a subjective and personal world, fruit of our experiences and our culture, or our identity as a human being, in which the project finds its base or its richness in the majority of the occasions, making that it acquire values and meanings that are above the objectifiable and the tangible.

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, we propose to reflect in a broad way on how the creative process of the architectural project is developed so that, based on these reflections, we can propose in a second phase teaching strategies focused more on teaching an attitude, a disposition towards the project, in generating learning situations that have as their objective the training of the student rather than the accumulation of objective knowledge.

The development of this research will allow us to define aspects related to a teaching of the oriented architecture project, rather than to the pursuit of results, in the processes that lead to them. A teaching centered on that initial phase of the project in which it is possible to build the distance where the desires are given and in which this is still in a pre-formal phase, where the lightness of the formal proposals or their intrascendence makes it is possible that these desires and the set of data, referents, images ... become part of it and intervene in its development, making it acquire a new meaning, get rich and get new values.

A teaching aimed at offering a form of knowledge that is inclusive of all those knowledge that throughout life are acquired, motivating reflection around them. A teaching that incorporates, together with those values belonging to a rational and objective logic, those coming from a cultural and autobiographical environment and that vindicate a form of intellectual activity that supposes a reflection about the essence of the architectural project. In this action the teacher's work becomes an act of seduction insofar as it should serve as a guide in the learning path in which the student wishes to begin, submerging him in the pleasure of who learns on each journey realized, in the passion of those who navigate through the unknown, in the joy of those who discover new territories and in the illusion of those who build dreams.