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E. Alakavuk, C. Polat

Yasar University (TURKEY)
Design Studio is the main course of Architecture. Besides Design Studio courses, theoretical courses and practical courses also take place in the curriculum of Architecture program. While Theoretical courses are history of Architecture, introduction to Architecture etc. practical courses are; Building construction courses, technical courses. Both Technical and construction courses give knowledge about the main principles of Architecture for supporting the Design Studio.
In the Design Studio, which is the main course of Architecture education, students learn approaches to design and also learn the way of thinking in innovative way.

Integral Design Studio is a new approach to architecture education. In the integral design studio there is a theoretical course that supports the main theme of the Design Studio, where as this theme sometimes can be sustainability sometimes it can be earhquake.

In this paper the experience of the writer that is about the integral design studio is explained. In this integral design studio earthquake is the main theme. The problem is how to integrate earthquake theme to the Design Studio. The positive parts and negative parts of the new integral studio approach in this context are presented.