M. AlAjmi, S. Khan

Kind Saud University (SAUDI ARABIA)
The new outburst of Web 2.0 applications has twisted user’s hope with respect to the web understanding. Users now look forward the web pages to perform like desktop applications, reacting to mouse actions and human being key strokes and to update only small part of the page at a time. While a number of technologies exist to build these rich internet applications one the most fashionable and extensively used is Ajax. Ajax isn’t an innovative technology but uses lots of other of existing technologies including JavaScript, XML and the XMLHttpRequest object to realize asynchronous browser-server request/response and small amount of page updates. This paper will explore a few of the uses of Ajax along with the ways for implementing it and why it should be built-in in our core curriculum. In the same way the OpenAjax association has used a set of papers as a channel to help Web developers and IT higher management people to realize Ajax and to define a successful Ajax approach, and turn into memorable important role. OpenAjax plays important role in the development of the Ajax market. Ajax is a mixture of technologies used to make highly interactive, browser-based user interfaces (UIs), and it significantly enhances the presentation, performance, and usability of Web applications. This paper will provide the core essentials of Ajax as well as openAjax, what we can do with Ajax today, and how it supports different browsers and give the required result in minimal time even with small Internet speed with minimum time duration.