A. Alabugin, S. Aliukov, R. Alabugina

South Ural State University (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)
It is well known fact that one of the most important problems in the area of education is the problem of cooperation of universities with business. Our paper is devoted to solving this problem. This paper complements the theory of quality of the cooperation management. For this aim, the object of the management, namely, "the cooperation of universities and enterprises" is investigated.

The purposes of the research are as follows: 1) to develop the theory of quality management of cooperation between universities and enterprises; 2) to develop methods of coordination of aims of members of the cooperation; 3) to model processes of changes in sustainability of joint development of the members in long run. The methodology is based on representation of the processes and the members of the cooperation as a system of knowledge management. The system is formed in terms of stability and quality of its development during a period of life cycle. Importance of the knowledge management in this system was shown in this paper. The knowledge management creates the intangible assets of universities and enterprises in which continuous learning and self-learning are seen as ways of continuous sustainable development of the cooperation on the basis of innovation. In order to assess coherence of methods and styles of training, a diagnostic test of parametric type was designed. This test allows us to identify dominant preferences of staff in the methods and styles of training and production management in cooperation. Four groups of the methods and the styles were identified. These groups are substantially different in their impact on the processes of coordination of aims of universities and business. These groups determine the sustainability of development of universities and business in context of cooperation activities.

Based on results of the provided studies it was found the following. For the purposes of reducing the imbalance of the aims of the members of the cooperation and enhancing development of the quality management it is necessary to have strategies, selected by parameters of sustainability and quality management. The parameters are based on coefficients of the system of Ramsey differential equations and upgraded mathematical model of economic growth, substantiating a zone of stability of a trajectory of the studied parameters. Besides, it was determined that possibility of achieving the positive effect of synergies is realized in organization of process of coordination of the aims of universities and business in the area of sustainability.