R.R. Ahmed1, J. Vveinhardt2, M. Ahmed3, K.R. Hemani3

1Indus University Karachi (PAKISTAN)
2Vytautas Magnus University (LITHUANIA)
3Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology (PAKISTAN)
Research Objective:
The objective of this study is to investigate the determinants of faculty performance of Business Schools. The study is to observe the overall determinants of employee performance, which increases employees’ motivation and performance in Business Schools of Pakistan.

Research Methodology:
Data of 199 respondents were collected through closed ended questionnaire; it was floated online through Emails and hard copies to the active faculty members of 15 Business Schools across Pakistan. We gage employees’ performance as a dependent variable, through compensation, Training & development and career growth as independent variables. The study was quantitative and results were obtained through Correlation and Regression analysis.

The results of this research clearly demonstrated that the independent variables Compensation and career growth have a significant affect on Business Faculty performance. It further determined that compensation has a positive impact on motivation, which directly enhance the performance of employees. Moreover, the third variable i.e. training and development has a moderate impact on employees’ performance. So, it is finally determined that the faculty in Business Schools give more value to compensation and career growth as compared to training and development.

On the basis of results we recommend to the management and HR departments of Business Schools, since compensation and career growth have a significant impact on employee performance, therefore, they should more focused on monetary benefits and career growth for Business faculty. HR department can introduce LFA, incentives, and medical allowance apart from salary package in order to boost up the motivation and performance of faculty. Moreover, Business schools should provide ample opportunities of training and development, which will enhance the skills of the faculty, and it would ultimately be helpful in their career growth.