N. Ahmed, M.A. Anwar, A.M. Al Ameen

Al Ghurair University (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)
Educational assessment is a rigorous process whereby the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs of the individual learner or the learner community are documented in measurable terms to monitor and continuously improve the quality of the academic programs as well as to provide evidence of accountability to all stakeholders in an academic environment. The assessment measures provide a strong base for assessing course and program learning outcomes which include both direct and indirect. The direct assessment methods, however, are the most important and key elements in demonstrating a satisfactory performance level (or otherwise) in achieving the requirements of desired learning outcomes documented in any particular academic program. The information technology has been effectively used for program assessment by a number of higher educational institutions across the globe. The academic data warehouse has also drawn considerable interest in providing users with direct access to detailed, flexible, and rapid retrospective views of different types of information in an academic institution. This paper presents architecture of program outcome data warehouse that will help in assessing and analyzing the effectiveness of the academic program and courses which in turn can be used for developing appropriate solutions and institutional plans to revise the curriculum and improve the overall quality of the program.