Nowadays the quality of university education has a very important role within the framework of the European Higher Education Area. The teacher must be aware of the importance of proper monitoring of student, mentoring functions, and the role acquired by the students in their learning process, relieving the teacher to a position of guide, counselor. For this reason at the University of Granada several professors from various departments designed a Tutorial Action Plan (TAP) for students in Grades of Pharmacy, Science and Technology of Food and Nutrition. This TAP has been done during two consecutive academic years, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013. The activities carried out are designed to guide students in making decisions regarding their professional future (creating resumes and preparing for job interviews, visits to institutions, coaching session etc.). An activity that has joined this course and occupies the objective of the present study is a seminar on Study Techniques to improve student learning.

It is necessary that the student obtains in the grade appropriate skills in order to face more confidently the job search, and useful tools in the process are adequate knowledge and use of different study techniques. The goal of the session is that students know them, know what to use and what they get maximum performance and achievement in different subjects.

At first, a total of 22 students, all members of the TAP, completed the Questionnaire "¿Sabes estudiar?" of L. Illueca, which consists of 50 items and assesses different variables as study place, time, attention, notes, study, schemes and exercises. The second part of the session was the analysis of the results, which shows the concern presented by taking notes, exercises, diagrams, emphasizing the need to know and to use them optimally. In late position establish the study place, attention, study and time spent on it, these being no less important aspects. Finally, they are taught basic guidelines on the method of study and discussion about the personal experiences of them.

The students evaluated very positively the learning and assistance in the session, which supports the benefits and the need to included these sessions in Tutorial Action Plans university students.