Building construction practice involves the process of producing buildings. Over the years, students have reported difficulties grasping the concept because it goes beyond theory. The visual aspect of the course makes the understanding and practice of the course worthwhile for construction students. As the saying goes, seeing is believing. Various instructional designs such as frequent site visits, construction clip arts, workshop practice have been instituted to ease the burden of understanding the course. In this vein, the study aims to assess the impact of embedded multimedia video learning of building construction practice on construction students. The study is a quantitative one through the use of questionnaires. A random sampling design was used for the study. The respondents were building technology students from year two to year five offering the course in a Private tertiary institution in Nigeria. The result revealed that the use of embedded multimedia video learning of building construction practice increased the memory of the course and encouraged class discussion. The study revealed that the use of a maximum 10 minutes instructional video on specific building construction topics were most effective. The major challenge identified in the use of video learning was the frequent power outage making it difficult either to use or complete its use. In conclusion, the use of embedded multimedia video learning should be encouraged at all levels. It was recommended that smart boards multimedia connected to alternative power sources be made available for all building construction practice classes, although this requires sufficient funding. Also, video cameras should be mounted on local construction sites to capture valuable construction activities and made available for academic purposes.