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F. Aefsky, R. Sedlack

Saint Leo University (UNITED STATES)
Leadership capacity for k12 schools has become a significant concern, as research supports the lack of capacity for sustainable leadership and a concerning lack of interest of teacher leaders.
There are multiple reasons identified as the reasons for a lack of interest in school leadership positions. Those reasons include: a lack of support by stakeholders, teachers, parents, community); too many hours required without significant change in compensation; degree requirements negate pay increases.

Teacher preparatory programs at Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) must focus skills for teachers in many areas, including technological infusion in teaching and learning; engaging stakeholders in teaching and learning and facilitating levels of leaders who support the work of educators to support students in reaching learning outcomes successfully.

Pre-service teachers must gain content knowledge and skills and be exposed to the outcomes that impact teachers in the field. Increased field work experiences challenge pre-service teachers, and programs in IHE must exposed all pre-service teachers to the role of teacher leadership.

This presentation will enable participants to identify ways to incorporate this necessary skill set of leadership into pre-service teacher programs and experiences. Application of content into their own school settings will be a result of this workshop presentation.