M. Adamová, L. Dvořáková, L. Stašková, J. Vítová

Univerzity of Hradec Králové (CZECH REPUBLIC)
One of the factors which could influence successfulness of pupils in initial reading and writing is the level of visual perception. Research and experience from practice confirm that deficit in the area of visual perception in the time of obligatory school attendance occur in children with specific development disorders in learning very often. As the area of partial visual perception which is developing in child from the birth up to younger school age could be systematically developed, our aim was to map the level of separate areas of visual perception in the Czech children before entering the first class of primary school. Diagnosis of the partial areas of visual perception is very often the domain of the psychologists in the Czech Republic. Teachers and special teachers use often only tests of visual differentiation. It was the reason why we applied as the research method foreign standardized test of visual perception (TVPS-3) which was aimed at several areas of visual perception: visual discrimination, spatial relationships, form constancy, sequential memory, visual memory, figure-ground, visual closure. In total 110 Czech pupils who attended the last year of the nursery school took part in the pilot investigation. Basic evaluation of the test was carried out and according to the results supporting steps were proposed for children which showed impairment (weakening) in a certain area.