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K. Achtaich, H. Benlahmer, N. Achtaich

Université Hassan II - Mohemadia (MOROCCO)
A learning object is mainly built from two parts: Metadata; the learning object characterizing data, it describes the learning object. Contents, the concretelLearning contents in the learning object.

Metadata is the key to optimally use the content stored in a learning object in a specific learning context; it allows choosing a learning object and guaranties its reusability.

In this paper we propose an educational metadata schema to define the learning content in the specific case of language mobile learning; we called the data model; Mobile Learning Object Metadata (MLOM). Our aim has been to extend the existing IEEE LOM (Learning Object Metadata) - that already defines nine main categories of metadata - to cover the mobility and ubiquity of the mobile learning. We also explain the new fields and categories introduced and describe the reasons behind them; geolocation as well. This way, all the technological potential of the mobile devices can be used to serve the language learning.