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K. Achtaich, H. Benlahmer, N. Achtaich

Hassan II - Mohemmadia University (MOROCCO)
Even though the teaching of Tamazight language in Morocco has been legitimate for eleven years and official for almost two years, it has mainly been based on few manuals and documents provided by the Royal Institute of Tamazight Culture (IRCAM). These documents are often available in paper (consulted at IRCAM library or in publications) or in electronic format (CD-ROM, downloaded PDF, or interactive courses on the IRCAM website). It takes a huge effort and a will of steel to successfully make it in this enormous batch of existing documents.
In this article, we present a method for learning the Tamazight language in a mobile environment. The mobile is chosen to free the learner from the constraints of time and space. Indeed, the use of mobile devices allows it to be anywhere and anytime.
An immediate question is how to involve the learner in the learning process, which is why we propose to put him in real or fictitious situations that are part of his experience and to which he is used to react.
In a general perspective, the idea is to develop a process for the production of "usual" situations for the learner, in teaching contexts, aiming, as a first step, mastering the Tamazight language and dominating its writing: The Tifinagh.
At the end of this article, we also present a prototype of a mobile application implementing our method.