S. Abu Jaber

Kaye Academic College of Education (ISRAEL)
This paper presents a Partner Development School (PDS) model adapted to suit the conservative Arab Bedouin society in Israel. In this model there is a partnership between an academic teacher training college (Kaye college) and five elementary schools in the Bedouin sector. This model enables female Bedouin have their practical work training in nearby schools where the college staff and the schools teachers work together to develop professionally and to help the college trainees to develop professionally as well. This partnership results in better qualification of future teachers and better school climate that contributes to pupils' learning. In this model, third year college students visit the same schools second year college students visit in order to serve as mentors to second year students and to help second year students to get ready and to anticipate what is required and expected from them in their third practical work year. This model integrates both action research and evaluative research. The action research is conducted by the college pedagogical guides, school teachers and the trainees. The evaluative research is conducted by the college evaluation unit. A formative process of evaluation accompanying the program has shown hard evidence of success in the training process which is expressed in a deep feeling of inner motivation, belonging and commitment to the school on the part of the students.