National University of Malaysia (MALAYSIA)
About this paper:
Appears in: INTED2015 Proceedings
Publication year: 2015
Page: 176 (abstract only)
ISBN: 978-84-606-5763-7
ISSN: 2340-1079
Conference name: 9th International Technology, Education and Development Conference
Dates: 2-4 March, 2015
Location: Madrid, Spain
The Framework for 21st Century Learning (2011) states that to ensure students’ success in their workplaces and personal lives, teachers need to prepare learning environments that allow for a blend of content knowledge, specific skills, expertise and literacies. Learning outcomes in education should incorporate learning and innovation skills, IT, media and technology skills and life and career skills in teaching and learning of core subjects. The use of web based learning tools in the classroom is an avenue for this learning environment as it allows for better teacher-student interaction using the virtual environment (Jaaman, 2013; Billings, 2012) and motivate students to improve their learning when they receive immediate and meaningful feedback (Barnes, 2013). Padlet is an example of a tool that allows users to create an online bulletin board, display and share information using images, links and videos. It is used as a platform for collaboration, written expressions, brainstorming and generating new ideas. This virtual paper explains how Padlet is utilized in preparing undergraduates for the workplace. The focus of this presentation is to introduce four Padlet based activities that were used in English for Workplace Communication course offered in a Malaysian university. Based on an ongoing research that draws upon data from questionnaires, written discourses on Padlet walls and teacher reflections, teachers and learners’ reactions towards these Padlet activities are discussed. These initial findings shed light on the potential of Padlet as a tool for preparing learners for the workplace and also the shortcomings in applying Padlet in the classroom.
Web based learning tool, Padlet, workplace readiness.