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IATED Library includes education, technology and innovation papers published in the conferences organised by the International Academy of Technology, Education and Development. This library provides academics, researchers, professionals and students with a large database of papers about innovative educational experiences and research projects on education and technology.
This digital library offers:

- All the contributions published and presented in IATED conferences, written by international experts from more than 90 countries.

- Free online access to the conference abstracts, with the contributions classified by topic, discipline and conference.

- Full conference proceedings can be bought thought IATED on-line bookshop. Each conference proceedings contains between 700 and 1000 papers presented and published at the conferences.

Available publication series:

Available publications:

INTED2009 Proceedings EDULEARN09 Proceedings ICERI2009 Proceedings INTED2010 Proceedings EDULEARN10 Proceedings ICERI2010 Proceedings INTED2009 Proceedings INTED2011 Proceedings ICERI2011 Proceedings INTED2012 Proceedings EDULEARN12 Proceedings ICERI2012 Proceedings INTED2013 Proceedings EDULEARN13 Proceedings ICERI2013 Proceedings INTED2014 Proceedings EDULEARN14 Proceedings ICERI2014 Proceedings INTED2015 Proceedings EDULEARN15 Proceedings ICERI2015 Proceedings INTED2016 Proceedings EDULEARN16 Proceedings ICERI2016 Proceedings INTED2017 Proceedings

The scope of IATED publications includes educational and academic experiences, curriculum design, e-learning, international research projects, learning and teaching methodologies, technological innovations, quality and accreditation, university-industry cooperation and many other areas that are of current and emerging educational interest.

IATED is an international and multidisciplinary continuing education provider. As such, its proceedings draw the attention of academics, researchers, technological experts, lifelong learning educators, student coun sellors, career/employment professionals and any person interested in education, research and innovation.

IATED Publications are periodically sent for their inclusion in the ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index (Web of Science). Since 2010, INTED, EDULEARN and ICERI Proceedings have annually been accepted and indexed in the ISI Conference Proceedings Citation Index.